From euphoria to misery, fans react to World Cup games

STORY: England soccer fans were in a boisterous mood in London on Monday (November 21) after a 6-2 win over Iran in their opening World Cup Game.

Mexican soccer fans expressed optimism and celebrated after Mexico drew 0-0 with Poland on Tuesday (November 22) in their World Cup opener.

Netherlands' fans in Amsterdam enjoyed their team's steady start to the World Cup on Monday (November 21), singing and dancing during the 2-0 win against Senegal.

However, the mood was decidedly more glum in Dakar, as locals digested Senegal's defeat.

Many fans held their head in their hands during the match, as their team failed to score.

Argentines who woke early in the capital Buenos Aires on Tuesday (November 22) to cheer on their team in the soccer World Cup were left stunned by their shock defeat by Saudi Arabia .

Saudi Arabia fans could not contain their excitement as they watched the game at the fan festival in Doha.

The second-lowest ranked team in the tournament after Ghana, Saudi Arabia notched one of the biggest shocks in World Cup history with a 2-1 win over Lionel Messi's Argentina thanks to a scintillating effort in the second half.