“Euphoria” Season 3 Will Not Be Out Until 2025

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There is bleak news for fans of “Euphoria.” The third season of the hit HBO show, created by Sam Levinson, is slated for a 2025 release. This update was provided by HBO’s Drama Chief Francesca Orsi while sharing updates on the network’s most popular shows. Orsi also talked about the ongoing WGA strike and its effect on shows like the-highly anticipated “Euphoria.”

A Coming of Age Story Gone Wrong

Euphoria premiered in 2019. The show follows Rue played by Zendaya. The character is battling drug addiction against the backdrop of a high school filled with other students battling their own vices. Fans praise the show for its cinematography and gritty approach to storytelling. But critics point out that the show’s plot is based on yet another Black girl’s trauma.

“This is not the only story worth telling. Why can’t coming-of-age tales show Black girls being weird and funny like in Booksmart or in Lady Bird, films that are highlighted by the protagonists’ deeply-opinionated outlooks on life?” DeAsia Paige wrote in Vice. “Why can’t Black girls have their own To All The Boys I Loved Before, in which the main character’s only conflict is a romantic one? Why aren’t there stories that simply show Black girls having fun and being happy?”

Critics have also slammed “Euphoria” for its minimal representation of Black women. The few Black women cast in supporting roles hardly get any speaking time.

Long Overdue

Despite the criticisms the show has received, “Euphoria” continues to have a strong viewership. Its second season received an average of 16.3 million viewers per episode. The news of the postponed release didn’t go down well with many. It was initially slated to be out next year.

“Three years after season 2 finished this is nonsense,” one Twitter user noted.

Another simply wrote, “just let it go chile.”

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