Europe resumes AstraZeneca vaccinations amid skepticism

Countries across Europe are back to administering the AstraZeneca vaccine after questions were raised about its safety. Chris Livesay reports.

Video Transcript

CHRIS LIVESAY: I'm Chris Livesay in Rome, where the country, like much of Europe, is seeing a deadly third wave of COVID-19. Paris is locking down at midnight for at least a month. Tonight, leaders are making a show of taking the AstraZeneca vaccine to calm public nerves over its safety.

BORIS JOHNSON: I cannot recommend it too highly.

CHRIS LIVESAY: Countries across the EU had put the vaccine on hold until today, when nearly a dozen reversed that decision. This, after the EU's medicines regulator firmly concluded the AstraZeneca shot was safe and effective. And found no links between the fewer than 40 cases of blood clots seen in the 17 million people vaccinated. Here in Rome and across Italy, health care workers are racing to make up for lost time. This AstraZeneca vaccination center just reopened today after a three day shutdown across the entire country. In that same time, roughly 200,000 people didn't get a vaccine. But the real risk was losing people's confidence. You're going to want the vaccine right now.

- Right now? No, I have to wait to be sure.

CHRIS LIVESAY: But there's yet another problem. Even if Europe defeats vaccine skepticism, they still have a huge vaccine shortage. The Italian Health Ministery tells me they've only received half the vaccine doses they were promised. Nora.

NORAH O'DONNELL: Chris Livesay. Thank you.