Europe's largest meat-eating dinosaur found

STORY: This might be Europe's largest

meat-eating dinosaur

Paleontologists discovered

its fossilized bones

on England’s Isle of Wight

Chris Barker, University of Southampton, doctoral student:

“Obviously the bigger you get, the fewer you are in any given eco-system, so to find bones of an individual this big is an exciting find."

Based on skeleton parts from the

creature's back, hips and tail

researchers say it may have

been more than 33 feet long

Neil Gostling, Paleobiologist:

"It's a spinosaur and these are therapod dinosaur, so the large bipedal carnivorous dinosaurs in the same group as T. rex and the velociraptor, but the thing that's different about spinosaur is that // you've got this much more elongate skull with long, much more slender jaws with teeth that are cylindrical points, much more like those of crocodiles. These are teeth that are seen in animals which eat fish."

There’s no scientific name yet

But researchers are calling it the

“White Rock spinosaurid”