Evanston mom says bomb was thrown into son's room

Law enforcement officials are investigating after an explosion and fire at a residential home in north suburban Evanston early Wednesday.

Video Transcript

MICHELLE GALLARDO: Tanja, that's right. Investigators are telling us that they found evidence of a possible explosion inside of the home, one that does not appear to have happened naturally. Those are the words that investigators are using. And now Evanston police and the State fire marshal are involved, trying to determine what caused the damage and the resulting fire inside this Evanston home.

The 9-1-1 call coming from neighbors around midnight. Those we spoke to say that they heard what sounded like thunder before coming out and realizing what was going on, immediately going to their neighbor's aid.

- I heard the mother calling for help. The other neighbors already running out here. Mom was trying to get out the window. She handed us her kid. And then she came out. There's someone else inside.

MICHELLE GALLARDO: Now, in all, five people were rescued from the home, three from the bottom floor, two from the top floor, the bottom three being treated for their injuries. But we're told that those are minor, fortunately. This, as investigators continue to try and determine what it is that happened here.