Eve Lucky She Ended Relationship With Ex, ‘Love & Hip Hop Atlanta’ Star Stevie J

Old school Eve fans will remember the days the former first lady of the Ruff Ryders was engaged to producer and now Love & Hip Hop Atlanta star Stevie J.

Did I mention that I took a shower and got down on my knees and prayed for forgiveness after watching the first episode of Love & Hip Hop Atlanta? I actually like reality TV and can deal with most of the fighting. But I saw little decent on Love & Hip Hop Atlanta, and a lot of the ridiculousness was centered around Stevie J, who has a live-in girlfriend and flaunts for the cameras his open relationship with his protégé, a baritone-voiced, Rihanna-knockoff named Joseline. Love & Hip Hop Atlanta is way worse than the original New York-based series and even more embarrassing than that Mary J. Blige "What's in the chicken wraps?" Burger King commercial; so I haven't seen another episode since.

Well, Eve is feeling a bit vindicated a decade after calling it quits with Stevie J. Though Eve admitted Stevie J was her first love, she considered their relationship a learning experience and offered advice to young girls who might also find themselves with the wrong guy.

According to Necole Bitchie, Eve revealed, "When I was younger I didn't question things but now I am annoying! Like if something doesn't feel right speak up! If you feel like you are being lied to speak up! If you feel like sexually he is trying to push you to fast speak up. And let me tell you something. Anybody that knows your worth it will stick around. They might not talk to you about it, but if they argue with you or if they call you a name or if they roll out they are not meant to be in your life anyways…."

Sounds like Eve has the topic for a new anthem. She should repeat these words over an instrumental of Tupac's "Holla If Ya Hear Me."

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