Even Australian police know how annoying that 'Be Like Bill' meme is

Johnny Lieu

Like many memes, what started off as being pretty funny got old pretty quickly, especially when it blankets our Facebook timelines. Even Australian police know how annoying it is.

The Queensland Police Service issued a notice on its Facebook page on Monday, looking for a wanted man.

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They're after a man with "a very slight build, dark hat and no nose," who answers to the name "Bill" and has been "repeatedly disturbing people’s timelines." Um, that sounds kinda familiar.

Be Like Bill

Image: Queensland Police Service/Facebook

Sorry Bill. You were alright at first, but maybe your sudden Internet popularity was a little too much for us, like those annoying memes that came before you: "Rickrolling" and the "Harlem Shake".

The rest of you, maybe don't "Be like Bill" for the time being. Bill is overrated.