Even hypothetical attempts by Russian invaders to take Kyiv are doomed, say Kyiv authorities

The Kyiv City Military Administration has posted photographs of the construction of fortifications in Kyiv and assured everyone that even hypothetical attempts by the Russians to seize the capital are doomed.

Source: Kyiv City Military Administration



Details: The administration stressed that according to the command of the Ground Forces of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, at the moment there is no record of a sufficient number of Russian military units to attack from the northern front.

Nevertheless, Ukraine’s military personnel, together with civil engineers and builders, are working to reinforce the city's defence capabilities, and powerful fortifications are being equipped.


At platoon and company strong points, the Defence Forces are equipping places for the shelter and accommodation of military personnel. Long-term fire structures for conducting defensive combat are also being installed.

Quote from the Kyiv City Military Administration: "The work continues. Any attempts by the enemy to capture the capital - even hypothetical ones - are doomed!"

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