Even ‘Jeopardy!’ makes mistakes. Can you spot this error in a ‘Final Jeopardy!’ clue?

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“Jeopardy!” made a rare error in its Wednesday, June 22, episode, and keen viewers were quick to catch the mistake.

It happened during “Final Jeopardy!” as host Mayim Bialik read the clue for the 19th century literature category. Bialik correctly read the clue, “This author first thought of a parrot before choosing another bird ‘equally capable of speech.’”

But the clue appeared slightly different on screen. Let’s see if you can catch the typo.

Did you spot it? If not, the word “equally” appears on the screen with three L’s.

It’s a small “L” for “Jeopardy!”, which last week faced criticism for penalizing a contestant who Bialik ruled had ineligible handwriting in her correct “Final Jeopardy!” answer.

While “Jeopardy!” showed Wednesday’s typo on television, it fixed it for its version uploaded to YouTube.

Jeff Weinstock, of Miami, correctly guessed “Who is Edgar Allan Poe?” to defeat six-match winner Megan Wachspress, of Berkeley, California.

But many viewers couldn’t look away from the typo, sounding off on Twitter about the mistake.

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