Even Other Sports Teams Are Making Fun Of The L.A. Chargers' New Logo


Well, it’s official — the Chargers are moving to Los Angeles, to be the second NFL team of a city who seemed pretty okay with having no NFL teams a couple of years ago. To commemorate their move, the Chargers unveiled a logo which was immediately trashed pretty much unanimously by the whole internet. But the Tampa Bay Lightning, who couldn’t help but notice similarities to both their logo and that of the Los Angeles Dodgers, opened up their own can of worms with this tweet:

That is A-plus corporate tweeting right there, and it precipitated this kinda-weird, kinda-great interaction:

But it didn’t stop there with official team accounts. Some other teams, most notably the Dallas Stars and a bucketload of minor league baseball teams, decided to try their hand at Chargers-style branding.

The Lake Elsinore storm have a point. One team that seems to have completely missed the point of this little game is the Florida Panthers, who made a meme about… having games to play?

Does a Panthers player or coach run the account? Is that why they’re claiming to be so busy? Isn’t making a meme to make fun of others making memes the equivalent of reading an entire article on a sports blog only to comment, “Slow news day, huh?”

The capper to this story makes it even better. Now the Chargers are telling everyone that the logo everyone’s trashing isn’t their real logo:

To which we all say, “Yeah, sure.”