Evening Forecast - 3/20/21

Here is your extended 7-day forecast!

Video Transcript

- All right, on that note, you heard it right. We're into spring now. Let's bring Jordan Segundo with a look at your weather forecast. Hi, Jordan.

JORDAN SEGUNDO: Hi, Marlee. And we did see a mixed bag with our forecast. If you like sunshine, we had a whole lot of it here in the Valley, even into the Foothills. Nora sent us this photo out in Stockton. This was [AUDIO OUT] but we saw still a beautiful sunset last night and today as well.

But this morning, Marsha waking up to some snow. This is out in Taylorsville. That's out in Plumas County just north of Quincy, capturing such a stunning shot. So again, we are beginning spring [AUDIO OUT] spring-like photo. You can always send it in to us. Head over to cbs13.com. Click on that weather tab to upload your photo.

Let's head outside, though, right now to show you what things are looking like right here in our [AUDIO OUT] Tower camera, looking off towards the west. We've got a cool and comfortable evening ahead of us. Temperatures already starting to cool down. We got upper 40s to mid 40s here in [AUDIO OUT] in Marysville. And right now South Lake Tahoe clocking in at 27 degrees.

Now because of the clearing skies and mainly light winds, we'll see temperatures [AUDIO OUT]

Right now our current satellite and radar starting to quiet down. We did see those isolated scattered snow showers throughout the day up in the Sierra. But things have finally eased off, and that storm system will finally head off towards the east.

But as it does so, it is going to help to increase some winds from the north and northwest. So Valley locations will be a bit breezy as we start our Sunday.

But we've got an area of high pressure that's going to build in. And that's going to be responsible for keeping things pretty mild as we head into this upcoming week. But we will see temperatures warming up, especially by Wednesday.

But here's a look at our Futurecast again. Now as that system pushes out, we'll get some stronger winds tomorrow. By Monday, we'll see overcast skies here. But we're going to have this high pressure still nudging the storms up and away from us. So there is going to be another system. But we're going to miss most of it. Maybe a few scattered snow showers Monday afternoon, but that's about it. Other than that, things are going to be looking high and dry.

Now as winds increase tomorrow and even by midweek next week, look at our allergy report. We got 8.4 today. But it is going to go up. We'll be close to 11 by Tuesday. So if you suffer from allergies, unfortunately, it's going to get worse as we head towards midweek. So do what you can to take precautions.

For tonight, though, a pretty cool and comfortable evening for the Northern San Joaquin Valley. Mainly low 40s for tonight. And by tomorrow, we could see some areas of patchy frost, but sunny skies by the afternoon.

Wind starting off from the northwest, 10 to 15 miles per hour. Some stronger wind gusts could be felt up to 20 to 25. It's going to be a beautiful day here in the Sacramento area as well. We'll see temperatures here in the upper 30s to 40s. Northwest wind, 10 to 15 miles per hour. We may see a few areas of patchy frost as well. But it's going to be an absolutely gorgeous day with a lot of sunshine.

It's going to be just as nice up in the Foothills as well. Mid 30s for Jackson and Sonora. Then upper 50s to low 60s for Sunday. And we'll see some lighter northeast winds up to 10 miles per hour.

As we head towards Plumas County, you're going to see sunshine as well. And you'll be warming up. Tonight we'll get up to 18 degrees in Chester, 49 tomorrow. Mid 50s out in Quincy. No rain or snow expected in the forecast on your Sunday. It's going to be a bluebird type of day, a bluebird skies Saturday up in the High Country. 17 degrees for Truckee and South Lake Tahoe, with mid 40s for the daytime highs.

And we'll see mid 60s out towards San Jose. And out towards San Francisco, 62 degrees. But look at that, Fairfield, 71. So here's the seven day forecast again. Sunshine tomorrow, a few more clouds by Monday. Possibly an afternoon snow shower for the Sierra.

Seven day forecast here in the Valley, here we go. We get 67 tomorrow and Monday, 70 by Tuesday. Mid 70s on Wednesday. That's above average. We're going to hold off into the low 70s all the way through next weekend. Marlee.