Evening Forecast - 4/7/21

Here is your extended 7-day forecast!

Video Transcript

- All right, we want to check in with Dave, once again, get a look at our nice spring forecast.

- Yeah, a little blustery out there in spots. But all in all, we've got a nice looking seven day with plenty of 80s on it, when we should be more like 70 to 75. Right now, we've got a few high clouds, like we said, an onshore flow, and some gusty winds starting to develop in and around Sacramento. Let's go to Modesto. That's where our live shot is set up. And you can see some of the mid and upper level clouds there in the northern San Joaquin Valley. Let's go ahead and take a peek, here, at our numbers. And pretty close to seasonal. 70 in Sacramento, 69 for Stockton, 71 Modesto, mid 70s from Marysville.

The humidity is 33%. Dew points are in the upper 30s. Winds are sustained, southwest 15 to 20 miles per hour in the Sacramento area. They'll be coming in out of the northwest into the northern San Joaquin Valley, and we have seen some gusts pushing into the 20-plus range on our neck of the woods. Also, in the High Country and definitely over in the Delta. So we'll continue to have that onshore flow. We'll lose some of that blustery-type stuff tomorrow as the winds turn around out of the northwest after this guy goes on by.

But we'll still have an issue with some gusts down at the lake, maybe gusting at Lake Tahoe, maybe, to 30 miles per hour out of the south and southwest. We'll also continue to have some decent winds coming in through the Delta. And of course, you'll have a decent sea breeze over toward the west, as well. So this goes on by. We'll have mostly sunny conditions tomorrow. To start out the day, we'll have partly cloudy skies over toward San Francisco and Monterey. But we'll clear that off to the coast. Also, up near Fort Bragg, we'll a chance for a little patchy fog. Then we'll warm it up, maybe, another degree or two just in time for Friday. And then as we head ourselves toward the weekend, that's where we get into the 80s, pushing close to some mid 80s for some Valley locations as we go on through the next seven days.

Here's a look, though, at your Thursday. How about mid 70s for Lodi, 77 for Manteca, 74, there, for Stockton. On toward, say, Sacramento, we'll top out tomorrow about 75. So maybe a degree or two warmer than we ended up this afternoon. On toward the Gold Country. Nice looking Thursday. Not a lot of wind, upper 60s to near 70 degrees for Jackson, Sonora. In fact, we'll probably hit 70 in Auburn tomorrow. 63, tomorrow, on Pollock Pines. Beautiful weather, there, for the foothills.

Up toward Plumas County, it'll be nice, mostly sunny conditions, a little westerly wind. Temperatures there will be in the low to mid to upper 60s. And like we said, a little bit gusty. It'll stay gusty up there in the High Country. Upper 50s, almost 60 for Truckee and South Lake Tahoe. Mid 20s for morning lows. And then over toward the west, still breezy into Monterey, going right into the Bay, there, out of the northwest, 10 to 20. 60, tomorrow, in Monterey. Almost 70 for San Jose. And then up near Fort Bragg, we'll have some patchy fog to get started. And we'll have a couple of clouds to get going for the beginning part of the day then plenty of sunshine everywhere.

And we'll continue with some blustery conditions in the Delta, tomorrow, with daytime highs running in the mid 70s. Here is a look at the next seven days. Take a look at that weekend. Low 80s on Saturday and Sunday. And we keep low 80s. Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday. And from the coast, all the way up into the High Country, very spring-like weather. A bit blustery, again, over there on the coast on Friday. And then we're talking low 60s for the weekend there, low to mid 70s. A lot of that up here in the foothills. And we got a lot of 60s, some very mild weather, up there in the Sierra with plenty of sunshine. So we're high and dry, but at least we're comfortable. Elizabeth?