Evening Forecast - 5/4/21

Dave Bender has your latest forecast for the Sacramento region.

Video Transcript

- All right. Well, we'll leave you mark. That's for sure.

- All right, Dave. We're looking forward to one more hot day and then a little bit of a cool down.

- Yeah. Tomorrow, if you go outside, if you sit on something hot, you're going to leave a mark tomorrow, because you're going to be well into the 90s. All right. Let's talk about the temperatures we got right now.

That is a live look from our holiday in Sacramento downtown arena camera, looking out across to the Sacramento River, and, of course, pioneer bridge way off in the distance. And our temperatures are way above where they should be for this time of the year by about a dozen degrees. 91 currently in Sacramento. 89 Stockton and Modesto. 90 for Marysville. Probably going to get even warmer for tomorrow.

Humidity 15%. Dew point came up a degree since last hour. Winds are light and variable in the Sacramento area, and the barometric pressure dropping off since the last hour, 29.83. So, sunny skies out there. Clear skies for the most part for tomorrow. We might have a couple of clouds to get started over toward the coast, but that's pretty much the extent of cloud cover.

That right there is what's going to cool us down as early as tomorrow evening. It'll get in here in the form of a Delta breeze. So, high pressure all day long tomorrow. Daytime highs, 93 to 97 degrees. We should be more like upper 70s to right around 80. Well, we'll get back into the upper 70s to right around 80 as soon as Thursday.

But ahead of that, that onshore flow comes in, we'll get that Delta breeze tomorrow evening. Maybe some gusts to 25 miles per hour out of the West Southwest. And we'll keep it a bit breezy but cooler just in time for Thursday. And then, Friday, cooler weather maybe a degree or so.

And then this is going to come in and battle with this. And you know what happens, Northwest winds come back into the forecast possibly as early as Saturday. So, we might have some more elevated fire concerns coming up this weekend.

Mid to upper 90s tomorrow for a nice July day even though it's May, northern San Joaquin Valley. 94 in Sacramento tomorrow. 93 Vacaville. Winds out of the Southwest about 5 to 10. By the evening hours, the gusty winds will pick up with that nice Delta breeze kicking in that onshore flow.

We got daytime highs for the most part in the 80s, pushing close to 90 for Auburn. 82 for Pollock Pines, as well as Forestville. Mid 80s for Grass Valley. Up toward Plumas County, we'll experience sunshine there and temperature's in the upper 70s to the low to mid 80s.

And then right around the lake, it's going to be mid 70s. 76 for Truckee. 86, Reno. 75 for South Lake Tahoe. And we got a nice sea breeze and clearing skies. 67 for Monterey for Wednesday. Lower 80s in San Jose. And we'll continue with some Southwest winds into San Francisco, mid 60s there. But take a look, the Delta is cooling down a little bit, but it's still way too toasty at 91 degrees.

Here's a peek at the 7-day forecast for the Central Valley. Sunny and breezy on Thursday, but that's that onshore flow that Delta breeze. A bit breezy on Saturday, Sunday. This is where what the temperature's going up, and it may carry on into the early part of next week. We could have some Northwest winds to contend with again. So, most likely some form of fire alert will be issued as a result of that and that will obviously start out maybe as a fire weather watch and then go to a red flag warning.

And you can see, temperatures up here in the foothills really getting warm again. Mid 80s on average on Monday. And we're back to the mid 60s to low 70s as early as next Monday, Tuesday up there in the Sierra. Elizabeth?