Evergiven Ship Stuck On Suez Canal

CBS4's Elizabeth Palmer reports on the Evergiven ship that is stuck on the Suez Canal.

Video Transcript

- More trouble tonight surrounding that stranded ship blocking the Suez Canal, and it's now holding up an estimated $400 million in trade every single hour. The vessel ran aground more than two days ago, now it could be weeks before it gets moved. CBS national correspondent Elizabeth Palmer is tracking the latest developments on this from Tel Aviv.

ELIZABETH PALMER: This is a real monster of a problem. The "Evergiven's" owners say a gust of wind pushed it and its huge cargo of containers sideways, and now it's stuck. Heavy equipment has been working day and night to free it. And as long as it's in the way with other ships piling up behind it, it's holding up 10% of the world's trade.

At 1,300 feet, the "Evergiven" is almost as long as the Empire State Building or Chicago's Willis Tower are tall, wedged across a canal just half that size. Diggers have been clearing sand away so at high tide tugboats can try to pull it free. If that doesn't work, salvage crews may drain its fuel tanks to make it lighter, but then there's a risk of capsizing the ship.

Yora Khadar is a marine underwriter in Tel Aviv.

YORA KHADAR: We are talking about a very accurate navigation. It's like brain surgery. The beam of the boat is 50 meter, means you have 25 meter to play with.

ELIZABETH PALMER: So there was no wiggle room?

YORA KHADAR: No, not at all.

ELIZABETH PALMER: The "Evergiven" blockage creates a dilemma for ships. Wait and hope that it's refloated fast, maybe by unloading some of those containers, or go the very long way around.

YORA KHADAR: Around Madagascar, South Africa, and all the way to Europe-- a long way to go.

ELIZABETH PALMER: It could mean a serious slowdown in goods moving to Europe and the US, in a system already under strain from the pandemic. Elizabeth Palmer, CBS News, in Tel Aviv.