Evergreen Park Cancels Independence Day Parade, Summer Programs

Lorraine Swanson

EVERGREEN PARK, IL — The Village of Evergreen Park announced the cancellation of some summer events, including the Independence Day Parade and fireworks, which traditionally fall on July 3. The village is following the lead of thousands of other communities throughout the United States, who are calling off summer events.

“Our Independence Day Parade and Fireworks will take a one-year vacation,” Mayor Jim Sexton said in an email blast to residents. “Even if the COVID-19 numbers are trailing off -- and we hope they will -- we just do not see the wisdom in putting 30,000 people up and down 95th Street, or thousands of people in a crowded park at night.”

The village is tentatively planning an alternative “Through the Neighborhood” parade celebrating frontline health care workers, essential workers and first responders between midsummer and the Labor Day holiday in September, depending on where the state and country are health wise, Sexton said.

“This will go back to the basics [with] no professional floats,” the mayor said. “We would simply have residents dress up their vehicles and ride a route through our community, with the aforementioned heroes as our honored parade leaders.”

“A Day In the Park” typically held in June has been postponed and will recast in the fall as an Oktoberfest, but only if it is safe to do so, the mayor said.
Senior and summer programs offered by the Evergreen Park Recreation Department are also on hold.

“I wish I could give the green light, but not when the health of our kids, families and grandparents could be at risk,” Sexton said. “We’re going to sit on this one for a little bit.”

This article originally appeared on the Evergreen Park Patch