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Every New Hybrid Car Available in 2019

Long before electric cars became all the rage, hybrids were the most efficient cars you could buy. Today, they generally represent the affordable end of the fuel-economy spectrum, opposite pricier plug-in hybrids and full-electrics, and deliver their efficiency benefits without needing to be plugged in when parked. There are varying degrees of complexity among today's hybrid systems, but all combine electric motors with traditional gas engines to deliver improved mileage. "Mild" hybrids mostly use their electric motors to restart the gas engine after it shuts off at a stop to save fuel. More complex hybrids have large enough motors and substantial batteries that allow them to be driven on electric power alone for a limited time.

Flip through our up-to-date list of every hybrid car currently on sale, ordered from most to least efficient. Interested in a hybrid SUV? Don't worry, we've covered that segment separately.