Every Surprise Song Taylor Swift Plays On The Eras Tour

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 Taylor Swift in her Reputation outfit standing with her arms out
Taylor Swift in her Reputation outfit standing with her arms out

Over the course of three hours, Taylor Swift takes Swifties on a journey through all her eras by way of 44 songs, elaborate sets, sparkly costumes, fun dance moves and epic vocals. However, two of the songs featured each night during The Eras Tour change, as the pop star switches up her acoustic set for every show. So, with that in mind, we've created a guide to all the surprise songs featured on the pop star's tour.

While fans who survived the Ticketmaster fiasco know they’ll be seeing Swift honor her grandmother during “marjorie,” dive into her stage and do the viral “Bejeweled” TikTok dance, what they don’t know is the surprise songs they’ll get. Swift has a discography that currently includes 198 songs, and with 42 on the permanent setlist, per Variety, that leaves 156 left to play. So, as she embarks on the US leg of her tour, which includes 52 stops, she’ll have a chance to play 104 songs that aren’t featured the majority of the time.

As The Eras Tour goes on, we’ll be sure to keep you updated on everything secret song related, so you can relive performances of your favorite Swift songs or try to predict which surprise songs you’ll see at your show.

Taylor Swift beaming in a sparkly one-piece in front of a flowy orange background
Taylor Swift beaming in a sparkly one-piece in front of a flowy orange background

mirrorball – Glendale, AZ – March 17

The first surprise song Swifties got on the Eras Tour was “mirrorball.” The song from folklore is a big fan-favorite, and many Swifties showed up to the concert dressed as the sparkly decoration. The song is a fascinating examination of Taylor Swift and her relationship with fame. Fans have also resonated with the song, and they understandably lost it when she started strumming the chords to the tune on her guitar.

Tim McGraw – Glendale, AZ – March 17

Fittingly, the second song Swift surprised the audience with was her first single and the song that put her name on the map. She moved over to the piano to play “Tim McGraw” from her debut album, and Swifties couldn’t help but sing along to the lyrics from this OG Taylor Swift classic.

this is me trying – Glendale, AZ – March 18

Night two brought some deeper cuts to the Eras stage, as Swift started by singing “this is my trying” from folklore. She played the melancholic song on her guitar, and many fans were in shock that the singer played two beloved songs off her folky album on nights one and two of the tour.

State of Grace – Glendale, AZ – March 18

Following “this is me trying” Swift went on to play a personal favorite of mine from Red (Taylor’s Version). As she took to the piano she played a stripped-down version of “State of Grace (Taylor’s Version),” and as one fan commented on TikTok, it was like a “religious experience.”

Taylor Swift twirling in a flowy dusty pink dress
Taylor Swift twirling in a flowy dusty pink dress

Our Song – Las Vegas, NV – March 24

The secret songs picked for Las Vegas started with a banger as Taylor Swift played her first smash-hit song “Our Song” on her guitar. Swifties lost their minds hearing the throwback tune, and for all of us who weren’t at the concert, we’re hoping she’ll “play it again.”

Snow on the Beach – Las Vegas, NV – March 24

While Swift has become known for bringing out special guests to perform songs with her, that did not happen when she sang “Snow on the Beach.” The track from Midnights features Lana Del Rey, and while fans were hoping for a guest appearance, the headliner made it clear that there wouldn't be guests at this particular show:

I’m going to talk about another artist, but that artist is not here, OK? This is not a bit, I’m not going to bring somebody out, you are stuck with me. We do not have guests at this show.

So, while fans didn’t get to see Lana Del Rey live, they still got to bask in a beautiful rendition of “Snow on the Beach” in Las Vegas.

cowboy like me (ft. Marcus Mumford) – Las Vegas, NV – March 25

There may not have been a guest on night one of Swift’s Vegas shows, but there was on night two! Fans were elated when Marcus Mumford walked onto the stage to play “cowboy like me” off of evermore with Swift. The two played the tune on their guitars, and they seemed to have a blast together. Swift even stopped the song at one point to poke fun at her duet partner. Overall, it was a real tour highlight, and it marked a major milestone as Mumford was the first special guest of The Eras Tour.

White Horse – Las Vegas, NV – March 25

On top of the special guest appearance in Vegas on night two, Swift used her second song to play a fan-favorite off of Fearless (Taylor’s Version) as she connected “White Horse” to “cowboy like me” by saying “cowboys ride horses.” The envy was high for Swifties who weren’t at the show as she started playing “White Horse” on the piano, but nonetheless, it was a beautiful performance of a Taylor Swift classic.

It seems like Swift prepares one newer song, and another old-ish one for each performance. Some nights she’ll do a tune from folklore and compliment it with a song from her debut Taylor Swift. On other days she’ll take a song from evermore and pair it with a number from Fearless (Taylor’s Version).

As The Eras Tour travels around the country, and Taylor Swift continues to release more projectsSpeak Now (Taylor’s Version) I’m looking at you, I saw the not-so-hidden Easter eggs in the “Bejeweled” video – we’ll be sure to keep you updated on all the surprise songs the singer plays during her epic set.