'Everybody Loved Her': 19-Year-Old Lynn Woman Killed In Saugus Crash

The mother of the 19-year-old killed by a wrong way driver said she had a heart of gold. WBZ-TV's Kristina Rex reports.

Video Transcript

DAVID WADE: Tonight a young woman is dead after police say a robbery suspect crashed into her car head on in Saugus. That victim just 19 years old. Good evening to you. I'm David Wade.

- I'm Lisa Hughes. Police say the suspect was speeding the wrong way on Route 107 after robbing a convenience store. Our team coverage begins tonight with WBZ's, Kristina Rex, and Kristina, I know you just spoke with the victim's mother.

KRISTINA REX: Lisa, we just finished speaking with the victim's mother, grandmother, and her little sister. That victim 19-year-old, Ashley Forward. She had actually just turned 19 in April and just gotten her driver's license right after her 19th birthday. Her mom tells me that her car was in the shop, so she was driving a rental, so when her mom got the alert about the accident and saw pictures, she never thought her daughter could be involved.

She tells us Ashley was heading home from her boyfriend's in Malden to change before work at her job at Target in Medford. Her mom tells us she was a first year nursing student at Emmanuel. She just graduated high school in Lynn last year where she was a star softball player, and her mom told me she's devastated and in shock, but so proud of her 19-year-old daughter.

MICHELLE LUONGO: Everybody loved her. She was a [INAUDIBLE]. So I got to say growing up I never had to worry about her, she was always [INAUDIBLE] go home, never snuck out, never caused me any grief, never partied, never did anything. She just went to school, got good grades, and she's like mom, I'm going to go somewhere with my life. And I said, you know what Ashley, make be proud because I didn't go, and she was living my dream.

KRISTINA REX: And her mom tells us she's obviously devastated. This only happened hours ago. At the moment, she's just hoping that suspect in this case gets the strictest punishment once this goes to the courts. Live here in Saugus, Kristina Rex, WBZ News,

DAVID WADE: Wow, all right, Christina. Thank--