Everyone — including JCPenney — is making hard seltzer now, according to 'SNL'

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Last night’s episode of “Saturday Night Live” sent social media into laughing fits as it poked fun at the spiked seltzer boom that has its grip on the beverage industry.

From White Claw to Bud Light, there seems to be a new variety every month making the light and refreshing drink an easy target for a comedy sketch.

Three new “SNL” writers (Ben Marshall, John Higgins and Martin Herlihy) collectively known as Please Don’t Destroy, starred in the 2-minute bit. Titled “Hard Seltzer,” the skit joked that JCPenney and Jiffy Lube were cashing in on the spiked seltzer craze.

“What are you sippin’ on?” Higgins asks Herlihy. “Probably just a hard seltzer,” he replies. When Higgins inquires which kind, likely expecting him to answer with White Claw, or Truly, or maybe Topo Chico, Herlihy surprises him by saying, “JCPenney.”

“Ever since White Claw blew up, everyone’s doing them,” Herlihy responds to Higgins’ confused reaction to the department store entering the beverage game.

“What flavor is it?” Higgins’ asks before lifting up a can to find a variety pack that includes a men’s jackets flavor, though Herlihy had opted for the taste of belts and ties.

Adding more to Higgins’ bewilderment, Marshall enters the office with a variety pack of Jiffy Lube's offering of spiked seltzers.

“Come on, everyone’s doing it. JCPenney, Jiffy Lube…” Herlihy says. “Exxon, Verizon…” Marshall adds.

While an aftertaste is common in some beverages, Herlihy has to pull a large, metal belt buckle out of his mouth, which he says is commonly found when consuming the JCPenney cans.

Higgins eventually comes around after discovering his desk has its own spiked seltzer variety aptly called Desk.

“That’s pretty good,” he says impressed. “I was wrong.”

The sketch struck a chord with many Twitter users who found it spot-on and hilarious.

"Oh my God this hard seltzer sketch on SNL hahaha," wrote one user.

“The hard Seltzer sketch on #SNL made me laugh so hard I howled,” posted another.

And if Jiffy Lube is actually looking to get into the beverage business, one Twitter user is ready to make purchase.

“I'm going to go look for Jiffy Lube Hard Seltzer tomorrow. #SNL.”

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