Everyone Is Obsessed With Texas Trash Dip—And You Will Be Too

From Woman’s Day


The next big thing on Pinterest is something that took us by surprise at first, but after a closer look, we’re definitely jumping on the Trash Dip bandwagon. Sure, Texas Trash Dip doesn’t sound as appealing as lasagna dip, for instance, but we’re here to tell you this warm, gooey bean dip is worth trying. And when you see the short list of ingredients, your taste buds will totally understand why.

With a mix of cream cheese, sour cream, Cheddar cheese, and Monterey Jack, this appetizer is a cheese lover’s paradise. Add in some refried beans, chopped green chiles, and taco seasoning to transform the creamy goodness to a southwestern flavor bomb.

Come on, does that sound like trash to you? Sounds like delicious, cheesy treasure to us. (Everything in moderation, right?!)

Try our favorite recipe by Nancy Creative, and you’ll never go back boring French onion dip again.

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