What Everyone Is Saying About KFC's New Chicken Nuggets

It's only been a few hours since KFC's new chicken nuggets were officially added to the menu, and already people are chiming in with their two cents. The nuggets, which were first tested last year, are made with 100 percent white meat and hand-breaded with KFC’s unique Original Recipe of 11 herbs and spices.

From TikTok to Twitter, and every social media platform in between, people are sounding off on the nuggets that promised to put an end to "a nugget blandemic."

Over on Instagram, KFC's followers seemed to be more concerned with the striking similarities between the new chicken nuggets and the discontinued popcorn chicken.

"Ok that’s fine and all but getting rid of the popcorn chicken is insane," one user commented.

"Bruh they are chicken popcorn just bigger the size," another user added.

As far as taste, KFC's chicken nuggets garnered a 10/10 from @ChaseSchurga on Twitter.

On the other hand, @digimondude420 called them "an extreme let down." Yikes.

As one of the first to try the new addition to KFC's menu, TikToker @snipingfordom offered a fairly comprehensive review of the chicken nuggets.

"Very tender, juicy. Kinda lacking on the crispiness," he explained as he made his way through an eight-piece and a plethora of sauces. "These are okay. This is definitely gonna give Chick-fil-A a run for their money. They are pretty identical to Chick-fil-A nuggets. Now that's not necessarily a good thing because I think KFC could have capitalized on something here."

If you're eager to do your own taste test, KFC Nuggets are available as a 5-, 8-, 12-, or 36-piece at participating restaurants.

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