Everyone Thinks Hannah Brown and Alan Bersten Are Dating and Their Response to the Rumors Is 👀

Mehera Bonner
Photo credit: Eric McCandless - ABC

From Cosmopolitan

  • Fans are convinced Bachelorette Hannah Brown and Alan Bersten are falling in love on Dancing with the Stars.
  • Hannah and Alan responded to relationship rumors during an interview.

Did you watch the premiere of Dancing with the Stars last night? Because if so you may have noticed that former Bachelorette Hannah Brown and Alan Bersten were fully dancing their way into each other's hearts. Truly, the vibes were strong—I noticed it, you noticed it, Twitter noticed it, even Bruno Tonioli and Erin Andrews noticed it. Plus, lest you forget, Alan has been known to date his dancing partners in the past—he and Alexis Ren fully had a showmance.

Anyway, the point is people are shipping and it's been literally one episode:

Soooo, what do Hannah and Alan have to say about all this? They're playing it cool for now. "Look, we're having a great time," she told ET, keeping things cryptic, while Alan was just all "I want her to fall in love with dancing!"

Hannah also said she gets why people are obsessed with her love life post-Bachelorette, but right now she's doing her. "I think everybody has had this journey with me, and it's been focused on finding a person that I'm going to spend my life with but right now, that's not what I'm focused on," she said, while Alan added "She's forced to spend the next few months with me. You have no choice, Hannah."

Kay but they're definitely going to fall in love right? Guys? Like? C'mon.

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