Everything new coming to Netflix this week, and everything leaving (week of August 25)

Jacob Siegal

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The last week of any month is often hit-or-miss for Netflix releases, but the end of August brings with it a few shows that you should definitely have on your radar. The first is an anime called Carole & Tuesday, which is directed by the same man who directed the critically acclaimed and universally beloved Cowboy Bebop. I watched the first couple of episodes as they aired in Japan, and can’t wait to see the rest once they land on Netflix.

The other highlight this week is The Dark Crystal: Age of Resistance, which is a prequel to the 1982 cult classic from Jim Henson. Early reviews are wildly positive, and even having never seen the original movie (I know, I know), it has definitely shot to the top of my list of shows I’ll be watching in the coming weeks.

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Here is the complete list of the Netflix streaming arrivals and departures for the week of August 25th, 2019:


Tuesday, August 27th

  • Million Pound Menu: Season 2 — NETFLIX ORIGINAL
  • Trolls: The Beat Goes On!: Season 7 — NETFLIX FAMILY

Thursday, August 29th

  • Falling Inn Love — NETFLIX FILM
  • Kardec — NETFLIX FILM
  • Workin’ Moms: Season 3 — NETFLIX ORIGINAL

Friday, August 30th

  • The Dark Crystal: Age of Resistance — NETFLIX ORIGINAL
  • Droppin’ Cash: Season 2 — NETFLIX ORIGINAL
  • La Grande Classe — NETFLIX FILM
  • Locked Up: Season 3
  • Mighty Little Bheem: Season 2 — NETFLIX FAMILY
  • Styling Hollywood — NETFLIX ORIGINAL
  • True and the Rainbow Kingdom: Wild Wild Yetis — NETFLIX FAMILY
  • Un bandido honrado — NETFLIX ORIGINAL

Saturday, August 31st

  • Luo Bao Bei: Season 1


Wednesday, August 28th

  • Wind River

Friday, August 30th

  • Burnt

Saturday, August 31st

  • Straw Dogs

We’ll be back next week with another roundup of all the new shows, movies, and specials arriving and departing from Netflix. In the meantime, check out everything coming and going from Netflix in August as well as a full calendar of release dates for all of Netflix’s originals movies and shows.

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