You Can Save Over $100 on TVs Today, Thanks to Cyber Monday

Rebekah Lowin
You Can Save Over $100 on TVs Today, Thanks to Cyber Monday

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Goodbye, Thanksgiving menu planning; hello, shopping! Cyber Monday 2019 is here at last, and we are psyched. After all, this day (along with last week's Black Friday) marks one of the year's biggest sales, and promotions this huge only come around once. When the deals are gone, they're gone.

No need to worry about missing the best ones though—including over $100 off on select TVs over on Amazon and incredible deals on many laptops and computer at Walmart. Here, we've rounded up all the details so that you can feel totally ready and prepped for your favorite post-Thanksgiving Day events. For those of you who prefer shopping from the comfort of your couch with some leftover pumpkin pie by your side, you're bound to find some helpful information here. Happy shopping!

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When is Black Friday 2019, and when is Cyber Monday 2019?

This year, Black Friday took place on November 29, 2019, which was—you guessed it!—a Friday. (The event always occurs on the Friday after the annual Thanksgiving dinner.)

Meanwhile, shoppers interested in scoring digital deals via Cyber Monday marked their calendars for the Monday after Thanksgiving (this year, that's December 2, 2019).

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Apple's Best Cyber Monday Sales in 2019

Walmart's Best Cyber Monday Sales in 2019

Amazon's Best Cyber Monday Sales in 2019

Hoping to prep for and take full advantage of Cyber Monday deals on Amazon? Your best bet is to sign up for a Prime membership first. There are already plenty of sweet deals to be had:

Macy's Best Cyber Monday Sales in 2019

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