Everything Youngstown celebrating village at corner of county

Nov. 25—YOUNGSTOWN — Sue MacNaughton has been selling her whole life, to where she is now selling local pride in the village she has called home.

The owner of Everything Youngstown, who has run the store with manager Leslie Wise since 2018, has lived in the heart of Youngstown for more than 30 years, selling plenty of merchandise themed after the village. With the likes of sweatshirts, hats, mugs, and plenty of home decor, you can immediately see something with Youngstown on it.

MacNaughton has been involved in retail her whole life, starting with her family's roadside farm stand. Through high school, she worked in gift shops and department stores, even when she had another full-time job after college in Rochester.

"Retail is pretty much in my blood," MacNaughton said.

When MacNaughton first moved to Youngstown, she first opened the store at 435 Main Street as the Dory Trading Post, focusing on everyday wear and gifts. The storefront was empty during a slow period of the village's Main Street.

"Leslie and I came up with the ideas of what we would put in here, and we said, 'We keep on doing it as long as it was fun,'" MacNaughton said. All the items inside come from local or national vendors, with MacNaughton and Wise looking to customer their product to celebrate the community.

While plenty of customers are tourists that come through the area, others are locals who are buying products for their friends and relatives who moved away, but still have close ties to Youngstown. Among the most popular items sold are mugs, including ones that can change color, and sweatshirts.

"We only bring in products that we like ourselves and feel comfortable selling," MacNaughton said. "We keep on adding new products all the time. So we're always evolving. Every time you come in, you're going to find something different, something new."

For Small Business Saturday on Nov. 26, Everything Youngstown will have extended hours from 9 a.m. to 6 p.m., have special sales and will be giving out a free gift with each purchase.