Evolve Over Home Pull Up Bar Review (Best Doorway Pull Up Bar)

The Evolve Over pull up bar is an adjustable doorway pull up bar that doesn't require any screws or drilling. You can also use it in hallways with solid walls. In this review, I'll show you how its screw-less mechanism makes the Evolve Over pull up bar different from other doorframe pull up bars. Most doorway pull up bars are a one trick pony, but this bar is different. It can be attached anywhere up and the down your doorframe. That gives you the ability to hit a TON of muscle groups from different angles with one piece of equipment. ===== How does the Evolve Over pull up bar work? ===== The Evolve Over pull up bar uses a gravity tightening mechanism to maintain a secure grip against your doorway or hallway. First, you turn the middle of the bar until both ends are tightly touching the door frame. Then flip down the clamps on each end to lock it in place securely. That's all there's to it! When you hang from it, the gravitational force is spread outwards towards the door frame. This means the more you weigh, the more the pull up bar will press into the door frame. ===== Is the Evolve Over doorway pull up bar safe? ===== Of course everyone is going to ask this with no screw pull up bars. And to answer your question, yes, the Evolve Over pull up bar is very safe. It uses a secure lock mechanism that clamps down like a buckle. And after it's locked, the bar pushes outward when your weight is on it. ===== How Much Weight Can It Handle? ===== The Evolve Over's weight limit has been tested to hold up to 440 lbs so I doubt you'll ever exceed that. If your own bodyweight becomes too easy, you can even throw on a weighted vest to make the exercises more challenging. ===== Does it damage door frames? ===== The ends are made of a really thick silicon pads that are skid resistant but also cushion the force against the door frame. As long as your door frame is solid, it shouldn't damage it. As far as leaving marks on the door frame, I didn't have any problem with that either. ===== Evolve Over vs Other Pull Up Bars ===== Because the Evolve Over pull up bar is easily adjustable without the need to unscrew anything, you can set it at different heights on your doorway. This allows you to easily switch from one exercise to the other in a matter of seconds. You can use the Evolve Over for pull-ups, sit-ups, push-ups, hanging leg raises, dips, chin-ups, stretches, and any calisthenics exercises you can think of. You can even hang rings or suspension straps from it, making it extremely versatile. ====== Evolve Over Pull Up Bar Conclusion ====== If you need a pull up bar that doesn’t require drilling holes in your walls and one you can effortlessly attach to your door frame, the Evolve Over is it! The best thing about it, is that you have so many options for exercises because it's not screwed to one spot. You can easily slide it up and down your door frame (or any solid opposing walls) to move from one exercise to the next so you hit different muscle groups. I can also see this being a great option for people who travel often and want to continue working out while on the road. When you're done, just turn the bar to take it down or leave it up there for your next workout.