Are ewe joking? Sony enlists sheep for a new view on the Tour de France

Sony Sheepcam

We're all familiar with a birdseye view but now Sony wants to bring cycling fans a sheep's eye view of the action when the first leg of the Tour De France gets underway on July 5.

The Japanese consumer electronics company has enlisted the help of five sheep from the Harewell Hall Farm in Yorkshire in the UK -- the county that this year will host the opening leg of the Tour De France -- and is fitting them with action cams.

Although none of the chosen flock appear to have undertaken any form of professional camera operation training, Sony has had to adapt its existing action cam dog harness so that it fits a wearer of ovine proportions.

The camera in question, the Sony HD AS100VR ActionCam, is splash-proof and, thanks to a protective casing, can handle knocks and scrapes. Each of the five units will be monitored and operated remotely by Ian Hammond, owner of Harewell Hall Farm.

Of course Sony can't pull the wool over our eyes with this one, the whole thing is clearly a bit of a publicity stunt, but the company hopes that enlisting sheep to capture the peloton as it whizzes past will highlight how good its cameras' auto focus and automatic image stabilization systems are as well as their in-built GPS tracking.

Being able to track each sheep's position will enable producers to automatically overly maps and other data over the footage.