Ex-advisor to Ukrainian DM warns: 400 Iranian ballistic missiles supplied to Russia pose real threat

Iranian ballistic missiles, August 22, 2023
Iranian ballistic missiles, August 22, 2023

Former Advisor to the Minister of Defense of Ukraine, Corresponding Member of the Royal Institute for Defense and Security Studies (RUSI) Oleksandr Danylyuk commented on the information about Iran’s supply of 400 ballistic missiles to Russia in an interview with Radio NV on Feb. 24.

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“Iran has actually developed quite well in terms of its missile technology. These are quite good missiles, this is a huge problem,” Danylyuk said.

“In the context of the obvious depletion of our missile defense, because if we do not have American help, it means that we will not have anything to close the sky, this will be a problem.”

On Feb. 21, Reuters, citing six sources, reported that Iran had sent about 400 ballistic missiles to Russia. As the journalists found out, the deliveries began in January 2024 after a series of talks in Tehran and Moscow.

After that, the Ukrainian Air Force stated that it had no information on the supply of missiles from Iran with a range of 300-700 kilometers to Russia.

“We know as much as open sources of information allow us to know. And, secondly, the HUR has already responded to this information,” said Air Force spokesman Yurii Ihnat.

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“They said that there is no confirmed data yet. But this does not mean that there is no such threat.”

He added that information about Iranian ballistic missiles with a range of 300-700 kilometers were reported more than a year ago. According to Ihnat, the possibility that Iran could conclude some kind of agreement with Russia remains.

On Feb. 22, White House National Security Council Coordinator John Kirby said that the United States had no information about Iran’s possible supply of ballistic missiles to Russia. At the same time, he clarified that the American side could not deny with certainty that such deliveries could take place in the future.

On Nov. 21, The Wall Street Journal, citing US officials, reported that, according to US estimates, Iran is preparing to supply short-range missiles to Russia.

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Iran is supplying the aggressor country Russia with drones to wage war against Ukraine, materials and technology, but officially denies this. According to media reports, in exchange for weapons, Russia supplies Iran with cyber weapons, Western weapons “captured on the battlefield,” and helps develop its missile program.

Russia is also involved in the production of Iranian kamikaze drones in the special economic zone in Alabuga, Tatarstan.

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