Ex of common-law husband accused in boy's death speaks

The woman believes the 8-year-old victim's mom, who is also accused in the boy's death, may be trapped in her relationship with the man.

Video Transcript


- Good afternoon. New this afternoon, charges against mom and her common-law boyfriend could be, upgraded depending on what an autopsy reveals about that boy's death. Both remain here inside the Harris County Jail. And right now, we are getting new insight about 26-year-old Dominique Lewis.

In October of 2018, he pled guilty to a class A misdemeanor of assaulting a family member and served 54 days in jail. We've learned that the victim in that case was an ex-girlfriend. We spoke with her. She says Lewis was an aspiring rapper without a full-time job at the time of their relationship.

She told me in an interview today things started out great. He quickly professed his love. And after a few months, things got nasty. She finally had the courage to end what she called an abusive relationship, saying Lewis had physically abused her and her son.

- The thing about Dominique is when he gets angry, he gets extremely angry and doesn't control himself well. He will destroy things, he will hit things. Luckily I got out of it before it got too bad.

- Prosecutors say that this boy suffered horrendous injuries. An autopsy for the eight-year-old is still pending.