Which ex-Dallas Cowboys quarterback has a new documentary out on YouTube?

Tony Fay Public Relations

A new documentary called ‘Now or Never: A Tony Romo Story’ premiered on YouTube, Amazon Prime and Google Play on Monday.

The movie follows Romo’s life from Burlington, Wis., to his 13-year career as quarterback for the Dallas Cowboys. The documentary interviews important figures throughout his life.

The documentary also interviews his parents and grandparents and shows the impact that Romo had on his hometown due to his NFL success.

There’s also a focus on Romo’s playing career with the highs and lows of Romo’s tenure as the Cowboys starting quarterback. Romo went 79-48 over his career with the Cowboys taking them to playoffs six times.

Romo was known for his passion and grit and the documentary explores where he discovered the traits that would define his NFL career.

The documentary is $5 to rent on YouTube and Amazon Prime.