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Ex-DEA informant linked to Haiti assassination

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A new U.S. connection emerged Monday in the investigation into the killing of Haitian President Jovenel Moise.

A source with the Drug Enforcement Agency revealed that one of the suspects in the case - a Haitian American man - had been a DEA informant.

But a source inside law enforcement said the man was not active as an informant at the time Moise was gunned down in his home last Wednesday.

The suspect is one of two Haitian-American men arrested last week.

Police have also arrested a group of Colombian mercenaries.

And a Haitian man that police say was the mastermind of the plot.

Washington has sent a team of experts to investigate Moise's murder, with a focus on any connection to the United States.

Moise's killing has plunged poverty-stricken Haiti into turmoil.

U.S. Secretary of State Antony Blinken on Monday expressed concern for the situation on the ground.

"We urge the country's political leaders to bring the country together around a more inclusive, peaceful and secure vision and pave the road toward free and fair elections this year."

Public anger erupted outside a courthouse in Port-au-Prince Monday.

Two former lawmakers - who had been critical of the president - were brought in for questioning.

The lawyer for one said the senators were anxious to cooperate

"The prosecutor wants to hear us. The most important thing for the senators is justice for Jovenel Moise. Because they also want to know where this crime originated."

Neither of the senators have been charged.

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