Ex-Disney princess reveals alleged dark side of the job

Becoming a Disney princess at one of the company's theme parks is a dream job for many young people. But one former employee says it's not as glamorous as it seems. Internet personality Sarah Daniels (@sarahdanielstv) responded to a question from a viewer about how men — specifically dads — treated her while in costume. “There were many moments, especially as Tinker Bell, where I had married men hand me keys to their hotel room and tell me where they were staying,” she said. The allegation shocked her commenters. “So messed up that they go to a place for CHILDREN with CHILDREN around and act like this,” one user wrote. Daniels is not the only one making recent claims about the trouble with being a Disney character. In September, a TikTok post that appeared to show a woman getting touchy with a man dressed as Gaston went viral. "The characters want you to have a great time and enjoy meeting them, but it is their place of work. It is a family place of business," user @evansnead said after sharing footage of the incident

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