Ex-DPD Officer Bryan Riser Free After Release On Murder Charges

Ex-DPD Officer Bryan Riser Free After Release On Murder Charges

Video Transcript

KAREN BORTA: He was arrested last month on capital murder charges. But this morning, fired Dallas police officer Bryan Riser is a free man. Nicole is live at DPD headquarters where Riser was on the force for 13 years. Nicole.

NICOLE JACOBS: Karen, yesterday's examining trial was basically to determine if there was enough evidence to move this case to a grand jury. But ultimately, the judge released him.


Riser's friends and family cheered as he exited the Dallas County jail yesterday afternoon. His former colleagues arrested him in March, accusing him of paying to have two people murdered in 2017. On the witness stand, Dallas police detective Esteban Montenegro was questioned about discrepancies with two affidavits he wrote, particularly noting Riser's cell phone data put him near the murder scene. During his testimony, Montenegro admitted that was a mistake.

TOBY SHOOK: That could have been avoided obviously if a decision had been made to just arrest Bryan Riser and cause this sensation, to cause him to be jailed for more than a month, to ruin his reputation based on the flimsiest of evidence.

NICOLE JACOBS: Dallas County criminal district attorney John Creuzot released a statement regarding the outcome of the hearing. It reads in part, "Because of this office's obligation under the law, we alerted the defense team and the judge of our opinion that there currently is insufficient corroboration of co-defendant statements and accomplice testimony to prosecute the case."

He went on to write this case is still ongoing. It is not closed at this time. He says if there are more charges-- or, I'm sorry, if there is more evidence, there could be additional charges. We're live in Dallas this morning. Nicole Jacobs. Karen, back in to you.

KAREN BORTA: Nicole, thank, you.