Ex-Fox News Pundit Says ‘Screw It’ And Pens Scathing Essay About Network

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Jonah Goldberg, one of two conservative commentators who resigned from Fox News last month in protest of prime-time personality Tucker Carlson’s “dangerous” rhetoric, published a scathing critique of his former employer on Thursday.

In an essay for The Dispatch, Goldberg said he’d shown “a good deal of restraint” by not commenting on the network since his departure with fellow pundit Stephen Hayes.

But “screw it,” he wrote in his op-ed published via the conservative digital media company he co-founded in 2020.

“A huge share of the people” praising former President Donald Trump on TV were being dishonest because “they would say one thing to my face or in my presence and another thing when the cameras and microphones were flipped on,” claimed Goldberg.

Over time, he added, he felt “like I was becoming complicit in a series of lies of omission.”

Goldberg singled out host Laura Ingraham for particular criticism, highlighting the stark difference between her private text message to then-White House chief of staff Mark Meadows during the U.S. Capitol riot, when she urged Meadows to get then-President Trump to call his supporters off, and her downplaying of the violence on air. Ingraham has “spent the next 11 months cleaning up the president’s mess,” he added.

Read Goldberg’s full essay here.

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