Ex-NFL player fatally shot SC doctor, four others: Police

Former professional football player Phillip Adams fatally shot a prominent South Carolina doctor, his wife, two grandchildren and another man before taking his own life at his home a short distance away, according to authorities on Thursday.

A sixth victim was wounded and rushed to a hospital.

Adams, who left the National Football League more than five years ago, was found dead Wednesday hours after the killings of five people at the home of Dr. Robert Lesslie in suburban Rock Hill, South Carolina.

York County Sheriff Kevin Tolson.

"Once we cleared the home, we found Dr. Robert Lesslie and his wife Barbara and their two grandchildren in a room in the back of the house. All deceased with gunshot wounds... Once the investigation began, we were able to develop Phillip Adams as a suspect in this incident. We also learned Mr. Adams lived close to where this incident took place, just down the road, about a quarter of a mile, maybe a little more."

Adams had a six-year NFL career as a defensive back with five teams, finishing with the Atlanta Falcons in 2015.

Police say he died from a single gunshot to the head at his home a short distance from the murder scene, where he lived with his father, as police closed in hours after the shootings.

Investigators were at a loss to offer a motive for the shooting spree.

According to the sheriff, there was no indication that Adams had any relationship with Lesslie or his family.

Adams' father, Alonzo Adams, blamed the shooting outburst on football…. telling local media - his son with a good kid, but that quote: "I think the football messed him up."

Dr. Robert Lesslie, whose online biography said he co-owned two local urgent care clinics, was a beloved member of the community:

[TOLSON] "He knew everyone. He treated everyone with respect."

Asked to comment, an NFL spokesman said, "Our hearts go out to the families and friends of the victims of this devastating tragedy."