Ex-NFL player kills 5, self, in SC shooting: Police

Adams, who left the National Football League six years ago, was found dead in a nearby house hours after the killings of five people on Wednesday (April 7) at the home of Dr. Robert Lesslie in suburban Rock Hill, South Carolina, York County Sheriff Kevin Tolson told reporters.

Video Transcript

KEVIN TOLSON: Our deputies, the first deputies arrived on the scene eight minutes after that-- those two 911 calls. It's a large area, and we began to assist the victims that we encountered. The first two victims, obviously, that we encountered were the two air conditioning techs who were outside the home in the driveway at their work vans. Then we immediately began to assemble a team to clear the house of Dr. Robert Lesslie. Once we cleared the home, we found Dr. Robert Lesslie and his wife, Barbara, and their two grandchildren in a room in the back of the house, all deceased with gunshot wounds.

Once the investigation began, we were able to develop Phillip Adams as a suspect in this incident. We also learned that Mr. Adams lived close to where this incident took place, just down the road about a quarter of a mile, maybe a little more. We were able later on in the evening to make contact with Mr. Adams' father, who lived with the suspect at the time. We were able to remove Mr. Adams and later Mrs. Adams from the home, as we had a search warrant for the home and for Phillip Adams. At around 2:30 AM, we confirmed that Mr. Adams, Mr. Phillip Adams, that the suspect was deceased in a bedroom in the home. Yes, sir.

- Sheriff, we're hearing this is a situation where maybe he was cut off from medication, that he was a patient of the doctor. Is that anything you're looking into or can confirm?

KEVIN TOLSON: Can't confirm it. No indication of it. And that's certainly something we'll-- we are looking into.