Ex-NFL player linked to missing girlfriend now a wanted fugitive

Kevin Ware Jr.'s girlfriend was last seen at a party in northwest Harris County in April. Today, U.S. Marshals arrested him in a parking lot.

Video Transcript

SHELLEY CHILDERS: Harris County Sheriff's investigators tell us that they are still searching for Kevin Ware Jr.'s girlfriend, Taylor Pomaski. They tell us that he has not been cooperative in their investigation into her disappearance. And now there are fears he may be on the run. Young, beautiful, and bubbly. That's how a friend describes Taylor Pomaski.

ERIC ZULEGER: She's a beautiful, beautiful person, inside and out. And we're really worried about her.

SHELLEY CHILDERS: The 29-year-old has been missing since the end of April. Friends say she was dating Kevin Ware Jr., a former NFL player. The convicted felon was arrested on April 19 for drug and weapon charges in Montgomery County.

He got out on a $23,000 bond, and days later during a get together at his Klein area home, witnesses reported a violent fight between the couple. She disappeared and now Ware is a wanted fugitive in Montgomery County for violating bond conditions. In a previous interview, her long time friend Eric Zuleger, telling us before her disappearance, she made an outcry for help. What was she telling you?

ERIC ZULEGER: She was in danger. She was in trouble. There was violence. She referenced the gun being pulled on her. She was very scared, very nervous.

SHELLEY CHILDERS: Ware has not been named a suspect, but Harris County investigators say he is a person of interest, along with several other witnesses who have also not come forward. If you know anything about the disappearance of Taylor Pomaski, or the whereabouts of Kevin Ware Jr., please call Crime Stoppers anonymously at 713-222-TIPS. In Spring, Shelley Childers, ABC 13 Eyewitness News.

- Now, Shelley tried to talk to Pomaski's ask tonight. She wasn't available, but she did just speak with Inside Edition. She said this.

They just don't-- "the just not knowing is so scary," she said. She also continued on to say, "is she scared? Was she scared? It's awful."