Authorities: Ex-NFL player Phillip Adams killed 5, then himself

On Thursday, York County, S.C., Sheriff Kevin Tolson held a news conference and confirmed that the gunman who killed five people Wednesday was former NFL player Phillip Adams, who was found dead in a nearby home with a gunshot wound to the head.

Video Transcript

- Once the investigation began, we were able to develop Phillip Adams as a suspect in this incident. We also learned Mr Adams lived close to where this incident took place. Just down the road about a quarter of a mile maybe a little more.

- Less.

- We have not been able to verify that.

- Did he shoot and kill himself? [INAUDIBLE]

- Self-inflicted. Gunshot. We believe to be a self-inflicted gunshot wound. To my left is corners to bring a gas and. Any questions that might be directed about the pathological situation or circumstances of Mr Adams. Or death cause of death can be directed to her. And behind her as our solicitor Kevin Bracket who was on scene last night as well. Andrew.

- Can you talk about what happened to the family and how many children were taken. And stuff like that.

- So, we have not been able to determine that anything was taken from the lively's residence. And all I am able to say right now is that, we did recover evidence at the scene that linked Mr Adams to that area definitively.

- If I may I think like what you say defiinitively or generally. How quickly and something knew where you were going to that.

- By evidence that he left at the scene that we were able to immediately identify him and connect him. Yes sir.

- When you guys are there to serve the warrant, had he already killed himself by then. Or were you guys still trying to negotiate his surrender and then he pulled the trigger.

- So we did not hear any gunshots. We did try to negotiate and get him out of the room that he was in. We did not receive what we believe to be an adequate response.

So, that's speculative as to whether or not he had already shot himself, or he shot himself as we were arriving, or while we were on scene. We did not hear any gunshots once we arrived.

- That he was alive and then last time I saw him, or when--

- That is what was relayed to us at the time. Yes Sir. Yes.

- What happened.

- At the time though. Yes sir.

- Any indication of how he got into the home game or how did you get that house.

- I will tell you he forced entry.