Ex-officer arrested in alleged threat to 'put a bullet' in 11-year-old's head over prank

Minyvonne Burke
·2 min read

A former police officer in California is facing charges after he allegedly threatened to "put a bullet" in an 11-year-old boy's head over a doorbell prank, authorities said.

Dean Taylor, who was an officer with the San Francisco Police Department, was taken into custody at his San Rafael home on charges of kidnapping and death threats.

The incident began on Feb. 12 when a group of juveniles were ringing doorbells in the area and then running away before the resident could answer.

The 11-year-old boy told police that Taylor confronted them, got in his car, and chased after the group, according to a police press release. At one point, Taylor allegedly blocked the boy's path with his car, he told authorities.

"The suspect exited his vehicle, began yelling at the victim, grabbed him by the neck, and forced him to the ground," police said. "The victim said when he got back onto his feet, he was pushed into the suspect’s vehicle."

A person in the area witnessed the incident and called the police.

According to authorities, the boy said that Taylor threatened to "put a bullet in his head" if he ever did the doorbell prank at his home again. Taylor then dropped the boy off on a street.

The boy said he ran to his parent's home and told them what happened. Police said the child's neck was red from where he was allegedly grabbed but he did not require medical attention.

Police spoke with Taylor who said that the group rang his doorbell four times and "he was fed up," the press release states. He said that after his bell was hit again, he chased after the group but denied grabbing the boy around the neck or threatening him.

Anthony Brass, an attorney for Taylor, said the group of juveniles had been repeatedly pranking the neighborhood and on the night of the incident his client was trying to rest after having surgery.

Brass said Taylor's intention was to take the boy to his parents to tell them about the prank. When the boy asked to be dropped elsewhere, Taylor let the boy out of the car, the attorney said.

Taylor is scheduled to appear in court on March 29. Brass said he is trying to get the charges dropped.