Ex resident charged with arson in Mankato duplex fire

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Jun. 25—MANKATO — A man allegedly started a Mankato duplex on fire after one of its occupants made him move out because he was using drugs.

The fire caused minor damage before it was put out by another resident Sunday evening, according to charges filed Friday.

Caleb Guy Schultz, 25, is now charged with felony arson in Blue Earth County District Court.

According to the court complaint:

A woman told authorities she kicked Schultz out of their home at 117 S. Fourth St. Sunday afternoon because he was using methamphetamine again. She left some of his belongings on the porch for him to retrieve.

Schultz later called 911 claiming the woman was taking drugs, and he was worried about their children. He called 911 again at around 7:15 p.m. unhappy with how officers handled his report.

An hour later the occupant of the other unit of the duplex spotted a gas can on fire on the porch near the door to the residence at which Schultz had been staying. She called 911 and put out the fire with a fire extinguisher.

The woman who kicked Schultz out was not at home at the time.

The fire damaged the door and surrounding walls and floor.

A witness reported seeing a man go from a garage to the duplex with a gas can shortly before firefighters arrived.

Surveillance video from a neighbor showed Schultz on the property around 7:30 p.m.

Schultz told an investigator he left the residence at 5:30 p.m.

When the officer asked Schultz why he smelled like gasoline, Schultz said he had not changed clothes since he started a bonfire with gasoline two or three days prior.

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