An Ex-Starbucks Barista Explains Why You Should Only Ever Be Ordering Venti Iced Drinks

Tess Koman

From Delish

A recently resurfaced 2017 Business Insider article reveals the best way to hack the Starbucks system. In it, a former barista explains that if you're at Starbucks because you want as much coffee as humanly possible (which, yeah), the only way to do it is to order a Venti Iced drink.

The pro explained that while you might think a Venti Hot drink would have three shots of espresso because a Tall has one and a Grande has two, that's not the case. It turns out a Venti latte, mocha, etc. comes with the same two shots of espresso as a Grande does.

Want further proof? Starbucks nutrition facts confirm that both a Grande caffe latte, for example, and a Venti one come in at 150 milligrams of caffeine.

There are ways to circumvent this tragic and sneaky problem. "A Venti iced drink [which is 24 ounces] gets three shots," the expert noted: "So next time, if you're most concerned about a necessary java buzz, either order your Venti iced or ask for an extra shot."

For all those still concerned they don't have all the information they need re: Starbucks drinks, you can find more information on that here.

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