Here’s Exactly How to Do TikTok’s Color Personality Test

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Hi @ you there, person who casually logged online this fine day only to realize that everyone was revealing their color personalities to the world without you. The audacity! But fear not, you, too, can find out your color personality thanks to KTestOne’s online test and then post the results on TikTok. Here’s how:

Step One: Take the Test

To find the color that most represents you, head to’s Personal Color Test.

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You’ll be presented with 12 questions, including, “How do you behave in front of your friends” and “What kind of atmosphere do you like when you play with your friends?”

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Step Two: Get! Your! Results!

The test will assign you a color personality (hi, fellow Oasis friends) and some info about said personality type:

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The test will also tell you what type of people you like based on both their personality and their color (come @ me, Sweet Pink) and who to stay away from (see you never, Ocean Bay). For example:

“I’m introverted but my personality changes depending on the situation. I don’t know myself well, I don’t like to take the lead! But the attention is good! I’m good at noticing other people’s feelings and empathizing with them! I’m the king of consideration! Relationships with people are narrow but deep! Lazy perfectionist! I like to plan things to plan. If you do as planned, you’ll feel better!”

Step Three: Post It on TikTok

Here’s some inspo:


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