'Exceptional' ancient statues discovered in Tuscany

STORY: Archeologists have discovered beautifully preserved bronze statues

Location: San Casciano Dei Bagni, Italy

dating back to ancient Roman times in Tuscan thermal baths

[Jacopo Tabolli, University for Foreigners in Siena]

"We witnessed an exceptional discovery. From the bottom of the pool at the lowest point of its monumental construction, 24 masterpieces of bronze statues between the second and first centuries B.C. have re-emerged. // They are masterpieces of antiquity that add to and open a new chapter in the history of choreography and the sacred between the Etruscans and Romans."

Source: ANSA news agency

The 2,300-year-old statues were used to adorn a sanctuary

before being immersed in thermal waters

They were covered by almost 6,000 bronze, silver and gold coins

and the hot waters in the Great Bath sanctuary of San Casciano helped to preserve them