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Excessive Use Of Force By Police Against Black Men Again In The Spotlight

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After learning of two horrendous attacks on Black men by police, Stephen turns to Late Show writer John Thibodeaux for an historian's perspective. #Colbert #ALateShow #Monologue

Video Transcript

STEPHEN COLBERT: Hey, everybody. I'm so happy that you're here. Welcome to a Late Show. I'm your host Stephen Colbert. Ladies and gentlemen, it's day 11 of Derrick Chauvin's trial for the murder of George Floyd. And sadly, we're back where we started. Because yesterday, just a few miles from the Minneapolis courthouse, another black man was killed by police.

In this case, it's 20-year-old Dante Wright who was shot in the Minneapolis suburb of Brooklyn Center during a routine traffic stop after pulling right over. The cops determined that he had a warrant out for his arrest. And then, as the police tried to detain him, he stepped back into his car at which point an officer shot him. Angry citizens protest all last night in front of the police station. And those protests are not likely to get any smaller after they learned that the police's official explanation for the shooting was the officer accidentally drew her handgun instead of her taser.

It's dangerous when a policeman can't tell if you're holding a gun. It's insane when they can't tell if they're holding a gun. They might think, hey, just don't try to flee and nothing bad will happen to you, and you would think wrong. Because case in point, this weekend, footage emerged from an incident last December when police pulled over army Lieutenant Karen Nazario, pepper sprayed him and held at gunpoint. Throughout the incident, Nazario was calm and polite. But all of this was met with hostility and aggression like in this moment.

- You received the order. Obey it.

NAZARIO: I'm honestly afraid to get out.

- Yeah. You should be.

STEPHEN COLBERT: What a strange way to say thank you for your service. Police tried to pull over Lieutenant Nazario because they didn't see the temporary plates on his new SUV. And because it was dark stretch of highway, the Lieutenant slowed down, put on his blinker. And about a mile down the road, pulled over at a well-lit BP gas station. The police chose to treat it as a high risk traffic stop.

Like all dangerous criminals, he lured them to a brightly lit public gas station. He could have gotten his hands on corn nuts and scratch offs. By the way, in the body cam footage, the temporary plates were visible. So maybe instead of giving police departments enough funding for tanks, they should get enough funding for reading glasses. They're like $5 at the BP station.

This all went down December 5th. But the footage didn't come out till now because Nazario has filed a lawsuit in federal court accusing the officers of illegal search, use of excessive force, and threatening to destroy his military career by charging him with multiple crimes if he complained about their conduct. Well, that's the Windsor police motto, "Protect and Fuhgeddaboutit."

And after the video surfaced, the town fired the officer involved, but there's no guarantee what would have happened without this viral video and million dollar lawsuit. So where does progress stand today? For more, we turn now to Late Show resident American historian Professor John Thibodeaux. John, thank you for being here. Listen, I knew you were one of my writers. I just didn't know you were an historian. what are your credentials?

JOHN THIBODEAUX: I exist in American history, Steph.

STEPHEN COLBERT: Fair enough. John, in light of the last year of activism not only in the United States, but around the world, I thought things were getting better?

JOHN THIBODEAUX: You thought wrong.

STEPHEN COLBERT: Why did I think that?

JOHN THIBODEAUX: Because you're white.

STEPHEN COLBERT: That's what I thought. Bo, I got to say, I really like this professorial look.

JOHN THIBODEAUX: Thank you. I call it my don't pull me over drag.

STEPHEN COLBERT: Oh, really? Is this the best thing to wear to not get pulled over?

JOHN THIBODEAUX: Yes. I used to think the best thing to wear was an army uniform but I thought wrong.

STEPHEN COLBERT: John Thibodeaux, everybody. Well, the story that keeps on giving has given us more because there's fresh news about Florida Congressman and bobblehead of Matt Gaetz. Matt Gaetz. Last week Gaetz was in hot water for alleged sex trafficking, paying for sex, and having sex with an underage girl sex. And brace yourselves. They've got the receipts and I will grease you with some gross gas in the latest in our recurring segment, Gaetz-Gaete.

- I will buy 12 boxes of Thin Mints if you're willing to tag along at Dosti Doe.

STEPHEN COLBERT: On Thursday, we heard that Gaetz might get flipped on by his partner in crime former Florida tax collector and realtor who's a little too excited to let you know they shot a porno in his apartment, Joel Greenberg. Greenberg is accused of procuring for Gaetz some pay for sex. He's a pimp.

Late Thursday, we learned of a transaction involving Gaetz, Greenberg, and a then 18-year-old woman made on Venmo. You're doing crimes on an app. How dumb are these guys? It's like organizing a hit on words with friends.

In May 2018, two Venmo transactions on the same night show that Gaetz sent Greenberg $900., Well the next morning, Greenberg used the same app to send three young women varying sums of money which amounted to $900. OK. I know that seems incredibly stupid and incriminating and it gets dumber. Because Gaetz labeled one of the transactions with a memo, "hit up--" blank. But instead of blank, Gaetz wrote a nickname for one of the recipients.

That is literally the dumbest thing he could have done. He could have written anything else. I'm guessing there's a folder on his laptop labeled the porn folder of Matt Gaetz. Wait, no, I mean taxes. Don't worry Greenberg has an airtight cover because when he paid the three women, he wrote that the cash was for tuition, school, and school. Nothing underage about that it. Really makes you sound creepy, guilty, and guilty.

And the icing on this stupid, stupid cake. At the time, all these interactions could be viewed on Gaetz' public Venmo page. He gave investigators the paper trail. It's all in the new movie, Catch Me If You, and you caught me.

This weekend, Gaetz did what any scandal plagued politician would do, give a big public speech. He traveled out to the former president's Doral resort in Florida to speak at an event organized by Women for America First. Yes, Matt Gaetz spoke to a group of women. The subject of that speech-- "Anyone need a ride home from band practice?"

During the speech, Gaetz described himself as a champion of women. Yes, he's a champion of women. But he thinks it's like golf. The lower the number the better. Because it was a speech to women Gaetz quoted one--

MATT GAETZ: I take the words of Margaret Thatcher to heart. If you want something said, get a man. If you want something done, hire a woman.

STEPHEN COLBERT: Matt, I'm pretty sure hiring a woman is what you're in trouble for. Gaetz emphasized that no matter how much damning evidence he personally provides authorities, he's not going anywhere.

MATT GAETZ: So let me assure you, I have not yet begun to fight for the country I love and for the nation that I benefits from America, first principles.

STEPHEN COLBERT: I have not yet begun to fight for the country I love may not be the best thing to say if you've held public office for 10 years. I've worked at the subway for 10 years. And let me assure you, I have not yet begun to make a sandwich. He even took time to thank people who stood by him.

MATT GAETZ: This past week has been full of encouragement from President Trump, Marjorie Taylor, Greene and Jim Jordan to the modern nation that share so much love.

STEPHEN COLBERT: Not exactly faultless character witnesses. Your honor to defend my client, I call to the stand a serial sexual assaulter. A man accused of covering up sexual abuse and a lady who believes wildfires are caused by Yiddish photon torpedoes. There was one other person Gaetz wanted to shout out.

MATT GAETZ: Thank you to my amazing fiancee, Ginger. I love you with all my heart. And I can assure you, the best is indeed yet to come.

STEPHEN COLBERT: I agree. The best is yet to come, because we still haven't seen the indictments. Sidenote, this is Gaetz' fiancee whose actual name is Ginger Lucky, which is ironic since she is a blonde and engaged to Matt Gaetz.

Gaetz wasn't the only disgraced Republican at a Florida golf resort this weekend because the former president himself gave a speech at Mar a Lago in which he went after Mitch McConnell calling him a "dumb son of a bitch" and a "stone cold loser." Oh, you don't want Mitch's stone to be cold. You really want to put a basking lamp in his tank.

The reviews of the speech were not kind. As one attendee put it, "it was horrible, it was long and negative." Adding, and this time, we didn't like it. Of course, the former president is probably just happy anyone's talking about him according to the Washington Post. Google search results for his name are at their lowest point since 2015. And most of those are just Eric asking the computer if daddy loves him.

The AP wrote an article on the former potencies waning influence and they noted that, "on late night TV, some have tried to scrub him out entirely." With "Late Show host Stephen Colbert refusing to say his name." OK. You got me. Guilty as noticed. But for the record, I'm not trying to scrub him out. It's just that legend has it now that he's out of office. If you say his name three times, he appears in your bathroom mirror and then uses your toilet while complaining that it's low flush.

So after the whole January 6 thing, no, even before that, it was after November 6 when he did that whole I one thing. I plan not to say the guy's name again. I think I've paid my dues in that regard. But now, that the buzz kill is over the AP have mentioned it, it's no fun anymore.

Besides, it's really hard coming up with synonyms for this douche nozzles name. Have we used douche nozzle? You don't have to douche nozzle. Now I use douche nozzle. OK, he's douche nozzle. Usually, I call him the former president but that gives him dignity and me flashbacks. I've also calling him 45 because he's the 45th president. But now, he's rebranding himself as 45. He's even got a website, 45Office.com that features pictures of his presidency including one where he salutes what appears to be members of the wiggles.

But is in fact, I am informed what they wear on aircraft carriers. Because they're so far to see that no one's there to laugh at them. This is a silly outfit, colored turtleneck sweaters. Thank you for your service.

Also, I'm looking for a reliable substitute for his name. Maybe I should just call him Melania's husband, or Jeff Epstein's dance partner, or something really insulting like Don Junior's father. But I have to call him something. Hopefully, someday the defendant. But until then, this is where you come in. What should I call the old president when there's a story about him? Tweet them to at Colbert's Late Show with the hashtag, HeWhoShallBeNamed. I will say the most original and appropriate names on the air up to a point at CBS. They're not going to let me call him a-- believe me. I know.

We've got a great show for you tonight. My guest is former Speaker of the House John Boehner, who's got a new book. When we come back, John Boehner.