Excessive Speeding Prompts Howard County Police To Boost Patrols

Kristin Danley-Greiner

HOWARD COUNTY, MD — Police have noticed incidents of excessive speeding on county roadways in recent weeks, prompting the Howard County Police Department to ramp up its patrol. Howard County officers will be focusing on serious traffic safety violations, such as excessive speeding, driving under the influence and other violations observed to be high-risk behavior. With no road congestion or rush hour delays to slow traffic, drivers have been observed racing past other cars, pedestrians and even police officers in recent weeks.

“With fewer cars on the road as a result of the state’s stay-at-home order, some drivers seem to
have mistakenly assumed that traveling at high rates of speed would be an acceptable practice,”
said Howard County Police Chief Lisa Myers in a statement. “We are receiving higher than usual complaints about speeding and officers have observed vehicles traveling much faster than the posted speed limits.”

Traffic volume across Maryland is down about 45 percent, according to the Maryland MVA. But the "dramatic drop in traffic during the coronavirus pandemic has caused a dangerous surge inexcessive speeding," said Howard County Executive Calvin Ball. According to the MVA, 69 percent of speeding citations issued statewide from March 16 to April 17 were for violations at least 20 mph over the limit, or higher. More than 375 citations were for speeds of 90 mph or more.

This article originally appeared on the Ellicott City Patch