'Excitement Level Is Very High': Private Prom Set Up By 2 Everett High School Seniors Takes Place Friday

When Maddy Smith and Erin Queenan found out their school district wasn’t hosting a senior prom this year, they created one on their own. WBZ-TV's Rachel Holt reports.

Video Transcript

- Right now as we speak, high school seniors in Everett are busy getting ready for their prom. All thanks to two of their classmates.

- Maddie Smith and Erin Queenan worked together to organize the dance after the school decided not to hold the event. And as WBZ's Rachel Holt shows us all of that hard work will pay off tonight.

- When Maddie Smith and Erin Queenan found out their school district wasn't hosting a senior prom this year, they were disappointed.

- This year since it's been such a tough year, we haven't been to one. We have never experienced it. So we wanted to experience. And we want others to experience it too.

- So the Everett high school seniors took matters into their own hands, starting a GoFundMe page one month ago and raising nearly $3,000 to host their own prom for their graduating class.

- We got a lot of support from just the citizens of Everett everybody wants to help the seniors, everybody you know, feel some type of sympathy for us.

- Although they admit it hasn't been easy--

- So we got a DJ, two photographers, flowers, centerpieces. More balloons and balloon arch. We have a buffet going on.

- It was a little stressful because two 18-year-old girls, that's a little hard to do.

- They know it was worth it.

- But I'm happy that I could do it for everybody. I just really want everybody to have a great end of the year and experience a prom.

- So people are trying to jump on board right before the last minute because there's been so much hype around it.

- Tonight, 120 of Maddie and Aaron's classmates are expected to join them at the Bayside function room in the hunt for an evening of fun, dancing, food and undoubtedly making long lasting memories of their senior year of high school.

- I'm very excited. I'm expecting that everybody is just going to be really happy and like have a good time.

- But I think after, it's going to be a great thing to talk about for the rest of my life.

- For WBZ News. I'm Rachel Holt.