EXCLUSIVE: Bay Area mom calls for justice after son's murder

"He stayed with me for 20 years, but I have to spend a whole life to remember him."

Video Transcript

- Now to a story you'll see only on ABC 7. A San Francisco mother is speaking out for the first time since her 19-year-old son was senselessly gunned down almost one year ago in the Portola neighborhood. Monica Chew mustered all the strength she could to speak with me today as she prays there will be justice for her son Kelvin.

MONICA CHEW: It's because it was our family destroyed. I don't know how we can stand up, how we can go forward.

- Clutching her chest, Monica Chew's existing heart condition is now compounded with unbearable heartbreak over the death of her son Kelvin, who was just 19 years old when he was gunned down blocks from his home last May.

MONICA CHEW: Why did they take him out? He did not do anything.

- Kelvin loved martial arts and excelled at school and was preparing to transfer from City College to UC Santa Cruz in the fall. Needing a break from Zoom classes, Kelvin went for a walk and didn't come home.

MONICA CHEW: I trace on his GPS. I found out he'd been at that place for a half hour. His eyes still open. A lot of blood on the floor.

- 26-year-old Fagamalama Pasene and 19-year-old Zion Young were arrested soon after. Documents I obtained show Young was out, pending multiple gun charges, including carrying a loaded weapon, in December of 2009, and then again just two months prior to Kelvin's murder.

MONICA CHEW: I don't know if they hate him, because he had no money to give them. They didn't have to just kill him. It's not just robbery. It's more than that. We need the justice.

- That justice is not just for her son's alleged perpetrators, but for everyone during a time when so many Asian-Americans are under attack.

MONICA CHEW: It's really not easy [INAUDIBLE] for this 20 years. We contribute to this country. We should be respected.

- Monica, sharing her story now, and looking at photos of her son for the first time since his passing so others realize her pain. She hopes no other family has to feel the same way.

MONICA CHEW: It's been almost a year. I cannot get back to my life. I want to go to him. He stayed me for 20 years, but in my whole life-- I have to spend the whole life to remember him.

- There was not a dry eye in the room today. Now I reached out to the DA's office, who tells me they are prosecuting both suspects in this case for murder charges. The case was set for trial today but has been continued for April 16th.