Exclusive: Kate Winslet shares her pandemic fixation — and it's not what you'd expect: 'I’ve just become obsessed by it'

In this exclusive clip from The Hollywood Reporter, actress Kate Winslet reveals her decidedly unglamourous coronavirus pandemic obsession.

Video Transcript

REBECCA KEEGAN: Let's dive in. I'm really glad you guys are here. The first question I have for you, and I'll start with you, Glenn, is what is the most surprising thing you learned about yourself during the pandemic?

GLENN CLOSE: Oh, the most-- I don't know if I was very surprised by it but I'm not always efficient in my use of time. I usually come home to reboot before another job, so this was a big reboot. And my kitchen is very clean, and I make my bed every day. It's probably the most-- I guess my surprise is how nice it is to make my bed every day, even though I usually don't have somebody to make my bed for me. So but, no forget that. That sounds horrible. Let me start again. It's not surprising. You see, this is actually surprising, how much my brain has turned to something else during COVID.

ANDRA DAY: Maybe similar to what Glenn just said. Actually, that I'm probably like a liar because I always said, if I had more time, if I was home more often, I would get this done, and I would do this. And then I turned around months later in the pandemic, I said, oh, I still need to do that. So, I don't know. It's like follow through when it comes to my daily home stuff, I'm not that great at.

VANESSA KIRBY: I think I learned a lot about science, actually. I hadn't realized quite how much doing I was doing. And I guess with the creativity, somehow I hadn't quite realized that actually, when you're still, it just a present, you know what I mean? And I think it's taught me to do less. Yeah. Which I think is always a good thing. I don't think anything else would have taught me that in the way that this is year has done.

KATE WINSLET: Well mine's quite boring, actually. It's something along the lines of cleaning and realizing how I became-- and still am, actually-- utterly obsessed with sweeping my kitchen floor. But down to the point where if there's just even dog hair-- and our dog is a golden retriever, so it's blonde hair, but I have got this microscopic vision where I can see the dog hair gathering in funny little cracks, like between the dishwasher and the sink. And I'll be like, [GASP] there's dog hair. Somebody quick, get me the broom, get me the broom. I've just become obsessed by it.

And I didn't really care about things like that particularly before. I mean, don't get me wrong, I like to run a nice home. But sweeping the kitchen floor? I mean, who cares about that? So I've become a bit strange about the kitchen floor, and I didn't know that about myself before. So I consider that to be an interesting, insightful thing that, as a matriarch, I have learned about myself, which is rather bothersome.

ZENDAYA: I guess for me it's that I never really got to know who I was without work. I've always been working. I started working when I was so young, and I've always just had a consistent thing happening in my life. And so when all of this happened, obviously, I just had never spent that much time with myself.

So yeah, it was interesting. I was like, what makes me happy? What do I like to do other than work? Do I have any hobbies? Do I like things that aren't going-- I mean, I'm just so lucky that I absolutely love my job. I'm so grateful for what I get to do for a living. And I basically get to do my hobby for a living, so it's like, what else do I even like? So facing that was interesting.

CAREY MULLIGAN: Something about what Kate said resonated. I became sort of obsessed with cobwebs and finding all of them and shutting them down. So my duster and I had a busy six months. I do feel like I organized a lot. I probably became more organized. But also, I felt very lucky to have a good experience, bearing in mind what terrible times so many people have had.

And have a bit of a-- I've got small children, and in a way it was like a forced pause where you were so aware that they're only going to be this age for a small period of time. And just to get that amount of uninterrupted time with us hanging out all the time, even though that was fairly intense sometimes. Actually just-- they'll only be this age for such a small period of time. To get to really soak it up was really lovely.