EXCLUSIVE: Local football star aids in arrest of burglary suspect

An Oregon State football player from Concord is being credited for helping police apprehend a car break-in suspect in the Bay Area. Police say that same suspect went on to commit an even more heinous crime, targeting Asian seniors.

Video Transcript

- A Division 1 football player from Concord is being credited with helping police apprehend a car break-in suspect. But as I found out, that suspect, despite being arrested for his crime, was later caught on camera committing an even more heinous crime-- targeting Asian seniors.

- Do not move. Do not move.

- What you're watching are the moments SFPD approach a man named Roman Banks, who according to police documents, broke into the home of two Asian seniors, ages 81 and 87, in Visitacion Valley back in February. You can see Banks running from the home on Campbell Street, drop a gun, and hear it deploy twice.

But this story really begins just a couple months earlier, when Semisi Saluni of Concord, an Oregon State outside linebacker, unknowingly had his own run in with Banks while he was saving his family from a car break-in at Twin Peaks.

SEMISI SALUNI: The person that broke in, broke the window right there, and then took my mom's purse and tried to run.

- After his cousin, tackled Banks to the ground Semisi's quick moves on the football field translated to holding Banks until police could arrive on the scene.

SEMISI SALUNI: I'm just grateful everyone was safe and nothing happened to my family.

- Banks was arrested and, according to police documents, arrested later for kidnapping, conspiracy, and burglary in this case. As Semisi continues living his dream playing D1 football and hopes to one day make it to the NFL, he has these words of advice for Banks, who is only a few years younger than him.

SEMISI SALUNI: My advice, probably, to the youth is just probably, you know, believe in yourself that you can make it out, that you can do better. And no matter where you come from, what background you have, anyone can do it. You got to put your mind in the right place.

If you want to make your money, you know, go work. Go get the job. Go to school.

- Glad for his quick thinking. Now, I reached out to the San Francisco District Attorney's Office, and a spokesperson told me Banks was released on his own recognizance for the Twin Peaks incident. In the home invasion burglary case, the Office filed 10 felony charges and says despite asking the court for no bail, Banks is now out on $100,000 bail. A hearing is set for April 15.