Exclusive: Star Trek legend on Next Generation reunion in Picard season 3

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Star Trek: Picard season 3 has heavily been pushing the return of The Next Generation cast in the marketing, which is quite the turnaround from the first two seasons.

It's a big deal for fans, getting to see their favourite characters together for their first new adventure in decades, but what was it like for the cast members reuniting on the set?

Speaking exclusively to Digital Spy, Riker actor Jonathan Frakes talked about how the cast didn't actually have the same feelings of 'bringing the band back together' that their characters did.

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"I think the concept is that we hadn't seen each other and that it would be, we'd have to catch up," he explained. "[But in real-life] we have a group text and we've been friends for 35 years, and we're like a family.

"So we have a lot — we see each other all the time, we work together, we do the conventions together, we communicate, we have drinks and have dinner and lunch together. So it was, we just happened to be caught on set again.

"It felt as if we had been gone for the weekend. So there was a great familiarity in our shorthand, working shorthand, professional shorthand, and our personal shorthand."

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As we explained in our review, the show itself doesn't just have the TNG characters doing everything they used to do just for nostalgia's sake. The show actually takes them to new places and gives them nuance and depth that they never had before.

Star Trek: Picard airs on Paramount+ in the US and on Prime Video in the UK.

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